[Google I/O 2016] Google Cloud Test Lab 與 Espresso Test Recorder

Google I/O 2016 上揭露了兩項跟自動化測試相關的消息:

Espresso Test Recorder: Creating tests is now as easy as using your app. Run your app in debug mode and enable recording, and this feature will capture UI events and convert them into Espresso Tests that you can run locally or even in the Firebase Test lab.

Google launches Android Studio 2.2 preview with Layout Editor, Firebase plugin, and APK Analyzer | VentureBeat

Cloud Test Lab, the company’s mobile app testing service announced at Google I/O 2015 and based on the Appurify acquisition, is now Firebase Test Lab for Android. Test Lab still does the same thing: helps developers find problems in their app before their users do, using automatic and customized testing on real devices hosted in Google data centers.

Google expands Firebase with analytics, remote config, crash reporting, and dynamic links | VentureBeat



[Appium][Issue] 讓 Appium 1.2.x 支援 Xcode 6

昇級到 Xcode 6 之後,Appium (1.2.x) 在啟動 instrument 時會丟出下面的錯誤:

error: Could not find Automation.tracetemplate in /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Applications/Instruments.app/Contents/PlugIns/AutomationInstrument.bundle/Contents/Resources/Automation.tracetemplate


[Google Play][HowTo] 檢查 Android App 在各國市集架上的狀態

App 無預警遭到下架的狀況時有所聞,原因可能是政策變更,也可能是官方內部作業的疏失。不論原因如何,為了能在第一時間發現 app 搜尋不到或不在架上的問題,好跟官方聯繫取得協助,有必要將自動監測 app 在各國市集架上狀況的機制建立起來。

不過 Google Play Store 並未提供像 Apple Search API 之類的工具,若要透過程式查詢 app 在架上的狀態,做法會跟檢查 Windows Phone Store App 在各國市集架上的狀態很類似 - 模擬手機上 Play Store 向 Google Play 發出請求的動作,架構上會像是: